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Everyone is born

with a measure of talent,

but sales skills are developed.

Everyone sells, but not everyone closes.  Some salespeople may be born with inherent talent for the trade, but none of them were born with a skill set and vocabulary to naturally seal a deal.  If you do everything right in the sales process but can’t close, you won’t be successful.  If, on a scale of 1-10, you are a 10 at prospecting, building relationships, developing proposals, and servicing the customer but can’t close, you will fail in the sales profession.


“Scott’s perspective presents new insights that challenge audiences to dig deep.  People come away changed.” 

Vakisha Coleman, Media & Event Entertainer

  • Seven ways to ask for the order.

  • Secrets of successful seasoned closers.

  • Questioning strategies that lead to the close.

  • Take customers from deliberation to decision.

  • Develop the Sixth Sense of the SalesMaker:  Leverage your timing, intuition, & emotion to close the sale.



“I like the ‘power of words’ section.  Asking more open-ended questions will help me close more sales.  One question I love that engages the customer’s imagination is: “If I put you in a stadium in front of 40,000 people, what are three key things would you tell them about your business?” 
Brian Slepetz, Sr. Regional Marketing Consultant, Clear Channel Airports
develop sales instincts
“The Law of the Sixth Sense is one of the most powerful resources I’ve encountered to help move from having a subjective sense to an instinctive sense in a selling situation.  Being able to recognize the exact moment when your line of questioning shifts from information gathering to closing is essential.  Scott’s “Right Time vs. Wrong Time to Close” will help you develop your sense of timing, intuition, and emotion on a sales call.” 
Bryan Heathman, Chief Executive Officer, Made for Success Publishing
sales intuition
“Scott has an uncanny way of connecting and adapting to any audience or environment that is put in front of him. His passion & conviction is contagious!”  Rachel Nagata, Senior Account Executive, iHeart Media
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