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from the snowy streets of chicago
to the sandy beaches of hawaii

Scott Hogle lives in Honolulu, Hawaii but his story started in the Midwest. At nine years old, Scott was already selling. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Scott began his work career as a morning paperboy for the Chicago Tribune. In the afternoon, he sold products door to door for Finger Hut. At fifteen, he went to work in fast food, working his way into a management positon while still in high school.  But he had his heart set on bigger dreams. 

At twenty, Scott joined the increasingly competitive radio business and has now been in media sales for over 25 years.  Throughout his career, Scott learned to adapt, reinvent, and shift gears many times in an ever evolving industry.  Scott is a proven leader who has developed the resilience and career credentials that have led him to become an expert in the fields of selling, leading, coaching, and people development.  


‘SCOTT HOGLE is a prolific writer and an excellent communicator’, says Bryan Heathman, CEO of Made for Success Publishing. As an author, 25+ year Broadcast Executive, and a Senior Vice President of Sales for iHeart Media, Scott is also credentialed as a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team.  

A student at heart, Scott learned how to sell and lead from mentors like Tom Hopkins, John C. Maxwell, and other heavyweights in the professional development industry. Scott has always surrounded himself with mentors, high performers, and people of ‘excellence.’ Rubbing shoulders for decades with sales sages, leadership experts, and daily practitioners is what has birthed his passion to write and teach. His goal isn’t to be an expert, but to remain a student who shares with others what has helped him.  


Scott has trained, coached, and raised up talent to bring organizational excellence domestically and internationally to corporate, private, and non-profit sectors. He has been leading, speaking, and coaching for decades.  Scott believes that selling, leading, and speaking is not just a career, but a calling in life which allows him to serve others. Scott has taught hundreds of sales and leadership lessons to small and large groups.  

writer, reader, rider

Scott doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. He pursues and immerses himself in the things he loves. Scott’s gift for communicating,  connecting, and motivating others was born out of his passion to pursue success and focus  on real, actionable ideas that actually help others. But it’s not always about the work. His passions also include his time on the road with his Road King, which he affectionately named after his first book, ‘Persuade’. Just like the cover, Persuade sports a magnet with a sales funnel pulling dollars toward it on the gas tank.


Scott is married to Kate Hogle, an advertising agency business owner. Kate and Scott are raising two boys, Bailey and Casey Hogle in Honolulu, Hawaii. With nights and weekends filled with baseball, football, or basketball games, providing life experiences, making memories, and serving in their local church are values they cherish.

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