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embrace the languages of the millennial motivator!

Are you struggling to attract and keep the best and brightest in today’s emerging workforce?  Do you find yourself noticing more differences than similarities between the age groups in your company?  In Inspired Leadership, you will learn how to bridge the generational gap and garner uncommon degrees of influence with your team.  Discover the keys to leading today’s Millennials by uncovering the drivers that propel them to achieve the excellence and high performance an organization needs to compete.


The source code of motivation isn’t a mystery, it just requires decoding.  Like a hidden combination among familiar pieces, the ideals that most employees desire are within your reach waiting to be connected by an astute leader.  Quit complaining and embrace the ‘new normal’ that states you must adapt to a new workforce as you expect your employees to adapt to change in your company.  Growth isn’t easy, especially when you are the one leading and need to grow first.


“Scott is a master speaker who keeps the audience’s attention.  His personable approach allows him to use everyday scenarios so his audience can relate to the subject matter.”  Jerome Osurman, Ret. U.S. Air Force


“To say our company was impressed with your presentation of the “Law of Connection” is an understatement!  Your willingness to pattern a skill set module to an organization shows your ability to relate with every type of sales.” 

Beverly Motz, Islander Group


  • Crack the code of millennial motivation.

  • Empower employees to achieve uncommon performance.

  • Motivate Millennials by learning the Language of Leadership. 

  • Forge relationships with your salesforce that unlocks potential.




“Scott is a motivational teacher and a highly skilled practitioner at leading, motivating, and developing people.  If you want to become a better leader, Scott will show you how.”  Chuck Cotton, Market President, iHeart Media


“I have had Scott speak to my entire group as well as to my key leaders and he delivers every time.  Whether talking about attitude, personal growth, or motivation, Scott speaks a language of leadership that inspires people of every age.”  Dwayne Priester, Middle School Principle, Mid Pacific 


 “Scott’s training has provided our junior and senior level leaders with the necessary tools and skills to help them take their leadership to a whole new level.  The insights shared from your personal experiences in leading others as well as some of the actionable tools you provided our team was a big homerun.  Your presentation style was warm, witty, and well received.” 

Danny Lehmann, Member Global Leadership Team, YWAM Intl. 


“Scott’s presentation is fast paced and chocked full of great information that can’t help but keep the sales professional totally “tuned in” to what Scott is saying.”  Hugh Yonamine, Director of Business Development, Platinum Mortgage

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