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level up and learn the art of negotiation as a buyer and seller.

Are you in the business of deal making or selling?  Do you know how to set up or handle yourself when the stakes are the highest?  Do you consider yourself an A, B, or C level negotiator?  Competence separates one negotiator from the next – You can level up today.


Contrary to complaints or rationales you may hear for lost business, the biggest challenge a seller faces isn’t a competitor or low-ball pricing strategy that turns the tables against them.  It is the more knowledgeable and skilled negotiator.  Learning the Art of Negotiation will level the playing field to give attendees an advantage to win more negotiations, benefiting themselves and their customers.  Negotiate the Negotiator is about much more than deal making, it involves:


  • Leveraging people skills and relationships to build equity for the negotiation.

  • Closing on minor agreements, not just the finale.

  • Connecting on common ground and more.

They’re learning to beat you up!  It’s not by mistake that you feel defeated or on the defensive during a negotiation. It’s by design. Skilled negotiators are not born, they are made through training, experience, and their won-loss record. Some even go to a ‘School of Negotiation’. If you are in a highly competitive or price sensitive industry, you have no doubt faced a seasoned buyer trained in the Art of Negotiation. If you want to improve as a negotiator, you need to learn what they’ve learned, know what they know, understand the techniques they were taught, and how to neutralize them.


Negotiating the Negotiator is a practical in-depth study of negotiating you can use in everyday conversation.  Attendees will learn how to negotiate as a buyer and seller, handle seasoned negotiators, and neutralize tactics faced at the negotiating table.  You will learn how face, fight, and overcome techniques used by today’s most savvy negotiators, cut through scare tactics, counter bluffs, and turn the tables to spend more time playing offense vs. defense.  You will increase your competence, confidence, and commissions by becoming a better negotiator.


When you negotiate, do you bargain from a position of strength, or are you held hostage to the demands of a skilled negotiator?  Do you find yourself losing more than you are winning?  Would you like to win every time rather than some of the time?  Negotiation isn’t complicated.  It’s not mysterious.  It can be put into action by the most passive, non-aggressive sales person or buyer.  Even if you do not consider yourself a ‘negotiator type’, you can benefit from recognizing the tactics and techniques being used against you and learn how to neutralize them.


“Nobody teaches negotiation better.” 

Leilani Williams, CEO, Williams Aerospace


“Scott motivates people from the get go.  He knows how to empower an audience so they stay motivated after the seminar.” 

James Avis, Executive Vice President, Digital Billboard Network


“Scott’s insights on selling and negotiating can help any sales organization.”  Mark Benson, President, Grace Cars Inc.


  • Create Win-Win Negotiations.

  • Neutralize ‘Intimidation Tactics’.

  • Negotiate from a Position of Strength.

  • Learn the Tactics Being Used Against You.

  • Easy to Use Techniques to Make You a Better Negotiator.

  • The Art of War - A Study of Sun Tzu’s Mastery in Positioning & Negotiation.




“Scott’s presentations are well thought out and delivered.  He is a great presenter and motivational teacher.” 

Yancey Unequivocally, President, Empowered Presentations


‘Unless you can earn from what you learn, you’re wasting your time.’  “That really spoke to me, very inspiring.”  Jessica Reed, Account Executive, iHeart Media

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